Dustin Michael Runnells
1009 Castle Rock Cir.
Webster, NY 14580

Phone: (585)872-7218
Email: dustin@runnells.name

Secure a long term Linux/UNIX administration and/or development position that will allow me to use and expand my existing UNIX and development skills.
Systems Administrator II - Jun 2000 - Current Position
Frontier, A Citizens Communications Company - Rochester, NY & Dallas, TX
Configure and maintain FrontierNet Linux servers. Previous Citizens platform included Linux, Sun Solaris, and DEC/Compaq Tru64 hardware and software. Responsible for Internet system services (ie MySQL, Email Services, DHCP, Web Services, and Authentication). Frequently develop new solutions for the rapidly growing national Internet service (FrontierNet/Citlink).
Software Engineer - Nov 1999 - Jun 2000
Ajilon (Contract at Xerox Corporation) - Rochester, NY
Develop custom web applications in Perl and JavaScript to fit customer specification for internal and external Xerox customers. All projects were created in a Solaris 7 environment with security of high profile as a primary concern.
Level 2 Linux Installation Helpdesk Rep - March 1999 - Nov 1999
Sutherland Group Ltd. - Rochester, NY
Help customers with the installation and configuration of the RedHat Linux operating system and the XFree86 graphical shell over the phone. Intimate knowledge of the OS, file systems, hardware was required.
Web Developer / Internet Support - July 1997 - March 1999
Sutherland Group Ltd. - Rochester, NY
Initial setup and configuration of Apache web server and WU-FTPd. Migrate existing CGI applications and HTML files from off site servers. Perform daily maintenance and development on Citizens Communications Internet site. Frequently develop new and interactive portions of the site to fit client specification. - Locate and resolve software and hardware configuration errors in customer's Internet software.
Internet Support Technician - Feb 1996 - July 1997
VivaNET/OptiNET - Rochester, NY
  • Linux Professional Institute Certification Level 1 (4/2005)
  • MySQL Core Certification (5/2005)
  • Zend Certified Engineer - PHP (4/2005)
  • Completed VocalData's VOIP training in Dallas, TX (2003)
  • Completed Sun's Java Language training in Dallas, TX (2001)
  • Completed Software.com InterMail Kx training in Santa Barbara, CA (2000)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (Windows 95 & Networking Essentials - 1997)
  • Monroe Community College (Computer Information Systems 1995-1997)
Familiar with HTML, Java Script, PHP, Perl, SQL, Macromedia Flash ActionScript, C++, C, OpenGL, WML/WAP.
Configured and maintained Apache HTTPd, MySQL, ProFTPd, WU-FTPd, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail, Cistron Radius, SSH (client/server), Tpop3d, Qpopper, vm-Pop3d, PPPd, Xfree86, iptables/ipchains, SpamAssassin, Amavisd, ClamAV, X.ORG, XFree86, Checkpoint FW1 and others.
Have used, and have understanding of Linux, Tru64 UNIX, Solaris, various flavors of Windows, DOS and VMS.
  • Implemented a DHCP solution to track DSL customers based on Option 82 information.
  • Setup and maintained MySQL replication for vital databases that allowed for distributed load to FrontierNet's 20+ mail servers.
  • Set up or upgraded numerous Citlnk primary and secondary Bind DNS servers (both local and remote) to correct security flaws.
  • Helped design and develop new MySQL based authentication system for the Citlink ISP. This included rewriting portions of open source software such as Cistron Radius and WU-FTPd.
  • Participated in setup of a remote fail over site for FrontierNet in Lakeville, MN.
  • Participated in several large-scale hardware upgrades with DEC DS10/DS20s.
  • Rewrote all CGI applications on the Citlink site from Tango to Perl.
  • Developed a CGI application to allow Citizens Internet customers to retrieve and send email messages through a web interface before the widespread development of open-sourced webmail systems.
  • Ported several customer sites from a Windows NT's IIS 4 server to UNIX (Apache or Netscape Server).
  • Most projects required interaction with Oracle or MySQL databases and/or flat text files.
  • Frequently develop Perl modules for use outside of my own projects.
  • Maintain hundreds of scripts on Xerox servers.
  • Search for and correct Y2K issues with Xerox web applications.
  • Participated in several server/network wide upgrades effecting customer sites.
  • Developed several sites to take advantage of Netscape Server's LDAP security.
  • Created and manage several web applications supporting thousands of users.
The Linux and open source community, Internet and Interactive web site development. I run Linux From Scratch (linuxfromscratch.org) on several machines and often try out new open source projects and kernel releases. I also enjoy creating and learning about computer graphics and animation with 3D rendering/CAD software and OpenGL. In the early 1990s I established and maintained a public computer bulletin board system. At home I manage my own LAN and run several sites off of a commercial broadband connection.